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media monarchy episode190

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media monarchy episode190

Published October 15, 2010

media monarchy episode190"when we pass the blame instead of trying to change - we pass the blame & our lives away" on the 190th episode of media monarchy w/ econocrash, welfare & wal-mart at midnight - portlandia crime haven, dando & danger - the tree man, 10/13 & the chilean 33 + icp - pessimism, rioting americans & hicky actors + all the latest alt media from food world order, cyber/space\war, new world next week - enemy & limbo music from lemonheads & radiohead and much more...

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media monarchy on the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority, zero point radio & revere radio network every friday at 10am pacific/11am mountain/1pm eastern...

and a huge thanks to free radio olympia, berkeley liberation radio, ground zero radio, one sky radio & others for rebroadcasting the show...

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media monarchy: episode190 - october 15, 2010 | | | | | | | | |

lemonheads 'become the enemy' (audio) interview w/ barbara peterson of - oct14: foreclosuregate, econocrash, portlandia crime haven episode151 - 7/7: hijacking humanity,
episode152 - crashes of convenience: united 553
the latest corbett report interviews: #236 - eric shine
the latest corbett report videos: sunday update oct10: 9/11 explosions, human experimentation, bankers break-in episode007 - how to defeat the new world order: a root-cause analysis leading to freedom the 10/10/10 intensity
10/14 defcon: settlements, citizenship & commercial gain
school district pays $610k to settle webcam spying lawsuits
dhs scoured social media sites during obama inauguration for 'items of interest'
applying for citizenship? US citizenship & immigration wants to be your 'friend'
iranian, chinese computers also hacked dc internet voting system
comcast pushes bot alert program nationwide
facebook is 'killing privacy for commercial gain'
update: superbombs & secret jails: what to look for in wikileaks' upcoming iraq docs
google developing fleet of autonomous vehicles
google cars drive themselves, in traffic
uk schools running ufo crash drills
related: strange signal comes from alien planet, scientist says
mystery shiny objects floating over manhattan spark ufo frenzy
just as predicted? another psyop unfolds…
video: ufo sightings stop new york city (audio w/ kreidler)
10/14 binge & purge: can't feel the beating
warning to glenn beck: don't drink diet coke
video: beck sidekicks attempt to debunk aspartame controversy
roger beachy's evangelical push for gm foods
build the pressure on the gates foundation
what's driving monsanto's fall from grace?
family farm ordered to destroy 50,000 pounds of cheese
new fda regulations to destroy small organic farms
3/4's of US obese or overweight by 2020, says alarming report
econocrash: welfare, debtors' prisons & dying communities
walmarts swell with poor people once a month at midnight — when the govt's electronic dole payout goes through
pro-foreclosure bill slip through congress to obama's desk
debtors' prisons make a comeback…in the US
postal workers union ballots lost in mail
dying communities see salvation in new prisons
related econocrash updates:
martial law/banking collapse scenarios fall/winter 2010
tight budgets lead to more civilians used for policing
gold hits new record high, $1388
meet danielle & jim plus 9: the squatters who 'reclaimed' their foreclosed home last weekend
obama will not ban home repossessions 'fraud'
tarpley's advice to desperate dems: ignore wall street puppet obama & demand 5yr freeze on foreclosures
video: officials in all 50 states launch foreclosuregate investigations (audio w/ tortoise)
oregon county decriminalizes heroin, meth, coke, shoplifting & more
radiohead 'in limbo' (audio)
10/14 newspurge: become the enemy
9/11 updates:
lemonheads' evan dando says wtc 'blown up by bombs'
fmr sen gravel spearheads california 9/11 truth commission initiative
media matters: fox's napolitano joins 9/11 truther alex jones
project censored: 'increased tensions with unresolved 9/11 issues'
video: 'operation dark heart' author alleges 9/11 coverup (audio w/ thievery corporation)
video update: cbs said ground level explosion caused wtc to collapse
climate science's worst week ever
scientist resigns from physics society, calls global warming a scam
hal lewis: global warming 'greatest & most successful pseudoscientific fraud'
video: epa says corexit is 'perfectly safe' - compares dispersant to klondike bar
white house will lift ban on deep-water drilling
twins die minutes after measles vaccination
cancer 'purely man-made' say scientists after finding almost no trace in egyptian mummies
horror as man mutates into a living tree
masonic imagery surrounds 33 chilean miners' rescue
chile's ghosts are not being rescued
israeli cabinet approves loyalty oath for new citizens
video: whistleblower's statement on saakashvili black ops
video: police use tear gas to clear workers from acropolis (audio w/ antipop consortium)
video: tarpley says: 'there is a currency war!' (audio w/ bent)
holy hexes:
video: why christians give millions to israel
can you believe in bigfoot & the bible?
willow smith: next illuminati star?
rock rebels 'the clash' as corporate puppets?
2 hosts walk off 'the view' over o'reilly islamic center comments
obama admin gave ge/nbc $24.9m in 'stimulus' grants
'die hard' director, john mctiernan, sentenced to 1yr in prison
flashback: aaron russo was target of assassination
soul-music pioneer solomon burke dies at 70
carrie fisher's drug shame: 'i did cocaine on the set of empire strikes back'
footage of eric stoltz as original marty mcfly finally sees light of day
gorillaz says no to 'glee' before show even asks
video: banksy's simpsons in korean sweatshop for opening sequence (audio)
doj lawyer was found hanging in his basement
swedish man uses webcam to broadcast suicide live on internet
video: gunman identified in carlsbad school shooting (audio w/ caribou)
'bandit' obama billboard sparks storm in US city
obama's related to palin
wall st. cash flow imperils democrats
internal email reveals mtv pressuring employees to attend stewart's rally
ventura: US should abolish inherently corrupt political parties
gop candidate in ohio likes to dress up like a nazi
scotus won't review president's right to eject critics from events
jim jones to step down as national security adviser
goodbye to james 'revolving door' jones
donilon's résumé: policy, law & fannie mae
obama's nat'l security pick has fannie mae, goldman sachs past
cheney: 'frail-looking', comments on 9/11, upcoming book
update: obama headed to oregon to campaign for kitzhaber on oct20
police state int'l:
douglas coupland's pessimistic guide to the next 10yrs
americans see children's future dim in poll as 50% pessimistic
splc, dhs & community officials team up to attack patriot groups
US troops to deal with rioting americans
railsafe: transit security drill carried out on amtrak routes
nypd holds drill to prep for mumbai-style attack
police look for link between c4 explosives in manhattan cemetery & bizarre note found nearby
proposed air force training area may bring conflict with ranchers
michio kaku says people who oppose nwo are 'terrorists'
'eye in the sky' now peeking into your backyard
national guard adds 'homeland response force' to fight bioterror
nytimes defends right of US govt 'to assassinate anyone it pleases'
aid worker linda norgrove killed by US troops
the killing of british aid worker by US military
obama offers condolences over linda norgrove death
petraeus launches afghan air assault; strikes up 172%
ex-top soldier: iraq war 'fiasco' due to rumsfeld 'lies'
darpa starts sleuthing out disloyal troops
total nutrition awareness: darpa wants to track troops' food 24/7
wv worry:
video: clinton joins manchin for rally in wv (audio w/ boozoo bajou)
gop pulls wv senate ad with 'hicky' actors
massey energy again fails surprise mining inspection in wv
insane clown posse claim they've been evangelical christians all along
icp, jon ronson & god create a controversy loaf that smells fishy to the multitudes
kent state tape recording reveals gunshots by fbi informant
revelations prompt congressional inquiry
canada's secret cold war plan included mass detentions
a stunning alternative history of the past half-millennium
video: columbus day sanitized

(all bed music by doves & mercury project unless otherwise noted)

creepy customers coming to in the past week:
Department Of Homeland Security ( Alexandria,VA (q:noble eagle excerise)
Headquarters, Usaisc ( Manhattan,KS (via


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